Guitar Class Friday November 15 (right after lunch) – bring headphones if you have them

Check in with Ms. Li or Ms. Pais-Martin who will be monitoring your class.   If anyone has forgotten this  piece of paper, it is posted at on the GUITAR page.

Choose one of the following articles to read – listen to the recorded examples as you go.   As you read, look for sub-topics that interest you AND fill in the 5 blanks at the bottom of this page (or write them on a separate piece of paper)



  • Something I didn’t know about guitar before today



  • Someone who was influential in the making of a new kind of guitar



  • The name of a really early guitar and the country it was from



  • Something I already knew that I found in the article I read



  • A drawing or description of an early guitar or an innovation from the history of the guitar






When you have finished, READ another article or explore a subtopic related to guitar that interests you.  Bring this page to hand in on Tuesday to Mrs. Thorpe.   Lost pages will have to be redone…..