Musical Theatre NEWS

With the snow day today (and tomorrow doesn’t look great either) we need to plan on some extra rehearsals.   Here they are:

YOU!  on your own, or over the phone or at your friends house – rehearse everything for 100% accuracy on your lines, steps and notes  AND an engaged face at all times.

First day back at school – FLEX in the drama room rehearsing the sewer scene

Thursday FLEX and LUNCH – in the music room rehearsing Sit Down

Wednesday 3 – 6 pm Dance rehearsal

Friday 3 – 6 m (yes, it’s a ProD day, so have a nice sleep in and then come to school) cue to cue (set moving and transitions between scenes)

Saturday 9 am to 6 pm Dress rehearsal – bring mountains of food, you cannot leave for lunch and it’s a long day.

Lousy timing on the snow day, but we’ve got this!!  Enjoy your extra time 🙂  and use it wisely!!




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