Musical Theatre Reference Recordings

Oh the Thinks you can think – quite different from our version, only useful for character, many differences will confuse your brain

Horton Hears a Who – bar 15 – 20A missing, bars 5-38 revoiced

Biggest Blame Fool – the beginning is not in our show, 4C bars 1 – 15 different words and voices, 4D not recorded

Here on Who – quite different from our version

It’s Possible – #7 bars 30-33 missing, 7A bars 3  28 missing, bars 18-19 different

How to Raise a Child – different words and voicings, bars 17-27 are correct

The Military – after 9B there is a part we don’t have in our show, 5D is a little different

Alone in the Universe

The One Feather Tail of Miss Gertrude McFuzz

Amayzing Mayzie – bars 1 – 14 different

Amayzing Gertrude

Monkey Around – #13 extra bars at 39 on the recording,

Chasing the Whos – mostly different from our show, but at 14C it’s correct

How Lucky you are – bars 40-51 missing

Notice Me, Horton   – bars 85-98 missing

How Lucky you are (Mayzie’s reprise) – 16B stops at bar5

Horton sits on the egg:  Finale Act 1 – #17 bars 29-36 shortened, 17A skips around as does 17B

Egg, Nest and Tree #19 stops at bar 67

Mayzie in Palm Beach – #21A and 21B

Alone in the Universe (Reprise) – 21C some extra lines on the recordimg

Solla Sollew –  #22 revoiced

Having a Hunch  #26 some words different, 26A and B mssing, some of 26C is there

All for You  #27 starts at bar 8

The People Vs Horton the Elephant  #28 starts at bar 31, 28B is missing bars 14-23 and bars 95-97, 28C is missing bars 1 -2, and 29A-29P is different from our show

Finale:  Oh the Thinks you can think – #28 bars 48 – 51 is missing, #29 bars 29-34 are different

Green Eggs and Ham (curtain Call), #30 bars 5 – 12 are missing, bars 67 – 152 are missing





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