Musical Theatre Learning Tracks



Fugue for Tinhorns     Nicely   Benny   Rusty

Follow the Fold        Sarah     Agatha     Martha     Arvide     Calvin

The Oldest Established       Tenor One    Tenor Two     Baritone    Bass

I’ll Know        CHOREO NOTES 

Fanfare and A Bushel and a Peck   CHOREO NOTES    KARAOKE

Adelaide’s Lament

Guys and Dolls           Nicely   Benny    CHOREO NOTES

Havana      choreo notes (click on the roles that apply to you)   DANCERS   EVERYONE  DUET    STAGE NOTES

If I Were a Bell    CHOREO NOTES

My Time of Day and I’ve Never Been in Love Before

Finale Act One


Fanfare and Take Back Your Mink   CHOREO NOTES

Adelaide’s Second Lament

More I Cannot Wish You

The Crapshooter’s Dance    CHOREO NOTES

Luck Be A Lady       Tenor One    Tenor Two     Baritone    Bass   CHOREO NOTES


Sit Down   Soprano    Alto    Tenor One    Tenor Two     Baritone    Bass   CHOREO NOTES

The Guys Follow the Fold and Adelaide Meets Sarah

Marry The Man Today  CHOREO NOTES     KARAOKE

The Happy Ending 




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