pajama game homework page


1 – Pajama Game Opening   Accompaniment Only  Hines  Listen

2 – Racing With the Clock (choreography notes)  Girls Group One     Girls Group Two       Men

(tracks)      Accompaniment Only     All Voices      Girls One     Girls Two      Men  Listen

3 – New Town is a Blue Town    Accompaniment Only    Sid  Listen

4 – Racing Reprise     Accompaniment Only     Voices   Listen

5 – I’m Not at All in Love  CHOREO NOTES  Accompaniment Only    All Voices    Babe   Brenda Virginia Poopsie    Girls One     Girls Two    Girls Three   Listen

7 – Never Be Jealous Again  Choreography    Accompaniment Only    All Voices   Mabel   Hines  Listen

8 – Hey There      Accompaniment Only     All Voices    Machine     Sid   Listen

9 – Her Is   Choreography   Accompaniment Only      All Voices   Gladys    Prez   Listen

9C – Sleep Tite     Accompaniment Only      Voices   Listen

10 – Once a Year Day    Choreography   Accompaniment Only   All Voices   Listen

10A – Once A Year Crossover  Accompaniment Only   Voices   Hasler   Chorus

11 – Her Is Reprise     Accompaniment Only    Voices   Prez   Mae   Listen

12 – Small Talk   Accompaniment Only     Voices    Sid    Babe   Listen

13 – There Once Was a Man  Choreography  Accompaniment Only    Voices   Sid    Babe  new slow track  new faster track   Listen

14A – Slow Down  Accompaniment Only      All Voices      Girls One      Girls Two    Girls Three   Listen

15 – Finale Act One    Accompaniment Only   Sid   Listen


17 – Steam Heat  CHOREO NOTES  Accompaniment Only    Voices   Gladys   Dancers    Listen

18 – Hey There Reprise    Accompaniment Only    Babe   Listen

19 – Think of the Time I Save      Accompaniment Only  Voices   Hines   Girls   Listen

20 – Hernando’s  CHOREO NOTES FOR ENSEMBLE   CHOREO Sid/Gladys    Full Performance   Listen

23 – 7 1/2 Cents   Choreography   Accompaniment Only    All Voices     Girls One     Girls Two    Men   Listen

24 – There Once Was a Man Reprise   Accompaniment Only    Voices  Sid  Babe   Listen

25 – Pajama Game Closing     Accompaniment Only    Voices   Girls One    Girls Two   Men   Listen

25A – Seven and a Half Cents  Reprise   Accompaniment Only   Voices   Girls One    Girls Two   Men   Listen

Hey There




Cast List – Pajama Game

Congratulations to all of you – we look forward to working with this wonderful cast.

Please Note:   Many of the roles listed will not make much sense until you read the script on Monday.

Alex Kerry               Hines

Alison Buxton          Chorus

Beya Miller              2nd Girl in Racing and 7.5 cents and Boy in Steam Heat and Dancer

Cam Duncan            Brenda

Cassidy Hrickiw       Boy in Steam Heat and Dancer

Chastine Hasler        Joe

Chloe Ross              1st girl in Racing and 7.5 cents and Girl and Boy in Steam Heat and Dancer

Dakota Hutchins       1st Male and 1st Boy and Charley

Dalton Boon             Hasler and one Tenor in Once a Year Reprise and 3rd boy in Hernandos

Dalton Vegh             Anderson and Waiter and Second Helper

Danielle Collins        2nd Girl in Hernandos and Rita

Danielle Letzing        Sandra

Daynery Moo           Chorus

Eden Rempel           Carmen

Ella Rogers              Boy in Steam Heat and Dancer

Hailee McMillan        Mae

Haydin Boon            Chorus

Jabin Rempel           Prez

Jayme Gallawan       Mabel

Joel Avery                Pop

Julia Close               Mary

Kathryn Fitzgerald    Chorus

Kendra Yoshizawa    Poopsie

Lexi Bakes              Ann

Mairead Mysnuk       Virginia

Makayla Goldsmith   3rd girl in Racing and 7.5 cents and Hernandos

Marcie Larocelle       Mara

Nathan Copeland      Sid

Quinton Madden       Chorus

Sara Oliva                Gladys

Sasha Neumann       Sara

Shaylynn Page         Chorus

Sofija Ivanovic           1st girl in Hernados

Talon Ryan              Pat and Gus and First Helper

Taylor Hurlburt          Doris

Tessa Bowick          Babe

Tio Revelstoke          Max and Second Male, Second Boy

Yasmin Mebs           Charlene

Zoe Gee                  Chorus