Homecoming Concert Recordings

Sorry these took so long to post!

Block Two Band      https://youtu.be/8SdODQOz78o

Vocal Jazz    https://youtu.be/nMRoyEpz2ow

Jazz Band     https://youtu.be/YP8w6cKlA0Y

Concert Band     https://youtu.be/Vn0CIlkTvRY

Choir    https://youtu.be/6V17YmSaZks

Silent Night in our languages    https://youtu.be/AxlKPP3JBN0

HDS band and choir    https://youtu.be/GOtweRyhfKg


Learning TRACKS Musical Theatre

New links!  these are for instrumental numbers – actors can use these examples to help practice timing of your lines that are over the music (see underneath the video link for timings of each number).

1  0:34   3A  12:34     4A  15:37    5A 20:16   6A  25:20    11A   47:11    12B  54:13     12C 55:53

15B – 0:00     15C  0:51  16A 6:14     16C 8:33   17A 13:06    18A  16:05   19A   26:47   19B 28:06   20A  29:37   21A  34:14    22  35:39    23A  42:00  25  44:32   26A  49:04  26B  50:58   28  57:54

As you are working on these, watch your music – most of the time, sopranos sing the top line and men sing the bottom, with altos singing alto or tenor parts.  If anything confuses you, please come ask me!

Solo parts have not been recorded unless they have tricky timing, as you should be able to hear everything easily from online examples.  Be careful – the Jr. versions are NOT the same and neither are the Broadway versions.  Look for a high school version from 2016 for best results, and listen to several different singers wherever possible, then sing YOUR best version.

**** men – look at your music – as always you have to adjust ranges when you are listening to one of my tracks — remember, if it is high on the staff, you sing it high in your range (and the opposite)

***FIRST ASSIGNMENT***  record yourself singing along to your part in Under the Sea (just record the chorus parts unless you are Jabin) and email the recording to pthorpe@sd35.bc.ca  – by midnight Sunday Nov. 6.  Let me know if you sang it with or without!! looking at the music.

Under the Sea     full     soprano    alto     men


once you have done your homework, carry on with these!

After Under the Sea    full  soprano   alto  men

Ariel’s Transformation (mersisters)  full   F1 and F2   F3 and F5     F4 and F6

Daddy’s Little Angel     full   Flotsam  Jetsam

Daddy Reprise  full  Flotsam  Jetsam

Daughters of Triton (mersisters)   full   F1   F2   F3   F4  F5  F6

Fathoms Below  full   basses  tenors (altos too)

Finale   full     alto    soprano  men

If Only quartet  full   Ariel  Eric  Sebastian   Triton

KISS THE GIRL (new)  full soprano alto men

Les Poissons Reprise   full   soprano   alto   men

Mersisters Storm   full    F1, F2 and F4   F3, F5 and F6

Positoovity   full    altos  men   Scuttle

She’s in Love (mersisters)     full    F1  F2  F3   F4  F5   F6   Flounder

Storm (pg 25)   full    Dalton   Matthew  sailors

Sweet Child   full   Flotsam   Jetsam

The Contest (princesses)   full   F1   F2   F3   F4   F5   F6




Cast List for Little Mermaid


ARIEL – Anna Nguyen

PILOT – Matt Myers

PRINCE ERIC – Dakota Hutchins

GRIMSBY – Alex Kerry

FLOUNDER – Leyenda Lucero

SCUTTLE – Joel Avery

WINDWARD – Jessica Griffith

LEEWARD – Lexi Bakes

KING TRITON – Tio Revelstoke

SEBASTIAN – Jabin Rempel

AQUATA – Jayme Gallawan F1* (these numbers show you what parts of the songs  you sing)

ANDRINA – Taylor Hurlburt F2

ARISTA – Danielle Collins F3

ADELLA – Ava Kornum F5

ALLANA – Hailee McMillan F6

ATINA – Yasmin Mebs F4

FLOTSAM – Beya Miller

JETSAM – Shelby Keen

URSULA – Sara Oliva

MAIDS – Marcie Larochelle F2, Haydin Boon F1, Bellamy Wynans F6

CHEF LOUIS – Chloe Ross

PRINCESSES – Kylie Jones F1 , Eden Rempel F6, Tayler Carloss F2,

Carmen Medina F4, Karissa Lawrence F5 , Chloe Ross F3




Julia Close

Dalton Dier

Zoe Gee

Kaprice Goldsmith

Zoe Petersen

GULLS – all the men except Eric and Sebastian

SAILORS – all the men except Eric and Grimsby…plus some women perhaps    **page 25 – M5 is Dalton, M6 is Matt

DANCE CAPTAINS – Beya Miller, Chloe Ross, Ava Quorum