Learning Tracks and Dance Videos for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Contract (dates and other info)

Opening    full track with chorus     singing parts only full mix    soprano   alto   men    cambiata (tenors with unchanged voices)

You Two  full   Jeremy and Jemima

Reprise You Two   full    Potts   Jeremy and Jemima

Them Three   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fN-Jf8dj9g

Toot Sweets    choreo notes(ensemble)       choreo notes (leads)    choreo notes (dance break)      full track with chorus    singing parts only full mix    soprano   alto  tenor  cambiata (tenors with unchanged voices)  bass

Act English  and  Act English Tag   full   Boris   Goran  (only the last part has learning tracks – where we changed the harmony and where the parts are confusing)

Hushabye Mountain    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUD6suE2PBY  (different version at end than ours)

Old Bamboo    video    choreo notes     dance break choreo notes     full track with chorus   just the sung bits   offstage men   women/cambiata   Potts

Old Bamboo Playoff      full     offstage men and Potts    women and cambiata

Posh    choreo notes     full     Jeremy    Jemima

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang     full song with dialogue    sung parts only   Potts   Jemima   Jeremy

Chitty Reprise    full song with dialogue    sung parts only   Potts  Truly  Jeremy  Jemima

Truly Scrumptious      full

Nautical Reprise  full song    Potts   Truly   Jemima   Jeremy    backstage sopranos    backstage altos   backstage tenors (recorded at pitch)   backstage basses    slower version soprano      slower version alto     slower version tenor    slower version bass

Finale Act 1    full      Truly Jeremy Jemima Sopranos       Alto      Tenor at pitch     Bass (sing low notes)   Potts

Vulgaria      full mix      soprano     alto    tenor    bass

Roses of Success     full  grandpa   inventors:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Lovely Lonely Man  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2cdsJn4fyY

Chu-Chi Face   full Baron  Baroness   note the word errors in this recording..please sing the printed ones

Teamwork     full     Potts     Toymaker  Truly  Sewer Chidren   choreo notes

Bombie Samba    full  Baroness  soprano   alto   tenor    bass   ensemble choreo notes   Baron/Baroness choreo notes 

Doll on a Music Box     in the second half, this recording has Truly start too early – wait until after Potts sings “wishes” as on the music   full

Finale Act Two   full   Truly and Potts    Jeremy and Jemima  Grandpa  Soprano    Alto  (sometimes top tenor)     Tenor (sometimes low tenor, sometimes top Baritone)   Bass  (lower notes always)

Vocal Encore     full    Soprano Jeremy and Jemima      Truly and Potts    Alto   Tenor   Bass



Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


CAST LIST – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

(Our apologies for spelling errors and missing names! We were working from the audition sheets. Please email pthorpe@sd35.bc.ca with corrections)





JEREMY POTTS – Markus Blessing


MRS. COGGINS – Haydin Boon

JUNKMAN – Beaumont Duralia

MR. PHILLIPS – Sean Hylands


CHEF – Danielle Letzsing

TURKEY FARMER – Shea Macallister

VIOLET – Danielle Collins

SID – Josh Franklin

MORRIS MAN (pg 36) – Beya Miller

INVENTOR #1 – Beya Miller (dance captain)

INVENTOR #2 – Chloe Ross (dance captain)

INVENTOR #3 – Eden Rempel

INVENTOR #4 – Kylie Jones

INVENTOR #5 – Sarah Blessing

INVENTOR #6 – Danielle Collins (dance captain)

INVENTOR #7 – Kamola Ismadiyazova

INVENTOR #8 — Elana Duffy

**INVENTORS ARE ALSO MORRIS MEN, with the addition of Carmen Medina

BORIS – Dakota Hutchins

GORAN – Shelby Keen

BARON BOMBURST – Tio Revelstoke


CHILDCATCHER – Carmen Medina

TOYMAKER – Eden Rempel

SOLDIER #1 – Matthew Myers

SOLDIER #2 – Dwayne Melendez

CAPTAIN – Finn Morosau

STEPHEN – Max Sandquist

GRETA – Meghan Netherton

SIMON (SUSAN) – Dawson Paulson

TOBY – Cedrik Melendez

MARTY (MARTA) – Dylan Evans

BOY (sung on page 90) – Dylan Evans

GIRL (sung on page 90) – Emma Herding

ENSEMBLE – (English Folk, Vulgarians, Factory Workers, Sewer Children)

Breanna McGregor

Lina Rothkegel

Zoe Petersen

Sam Revelstoke

Jamie Marson

Marcie Larochelle

Trudy Medina

Samantha Haufler

Alex Zarzo

Katie Culjat

Sara Ellis

Bellamy Wynans

Anika Idreou

Ayat Malelsi

Sehan Alomaz

Regina Solares

Chantel Grabish

Levih Karng

Shawna Lai

Jordan Beitel

Zoe Gee

Emma Ruhl

Caitlin Nichol

Sasha Neumann

Madison Steger


Jessica Griffith

Aegeleen Cruz

Dance Captains: Your job is to lead the rest of the cast in the group dance numbers and help answer questions when Emma is not available. (ex. in free time during rehearsals should be practicing with other students). If needed, you may also be taught something for you to then pass on to the rest of the cast. In the few rehearsals that Emma cannot be there, Mrs. Thorpe and Mrs. Piorecky may look to you to help lead the group in practicing the dance numbers.

Thank you to all who auditioned. We are very excited about what we are going to build together.

concert choir tracks

Loch Lomond

full mix   soprano 1    soprano 2    alto   tenor 1   tenor 2    baritone    bass

Carol of the Stable Dog

full     solo     soprano one    soprano two    alto     tenor     bass

Jamaican Noel ***HOMECOMING CHOIR, this one is yours**

sheet music         full     soprano one    soprano two    alto     tenor     bass


full    soprano one    soprano two   alto    tenor    bass