Cast List for Little Mermaid

Thank you to all of those that auditioned, and congratulations – we were so impressed with the level of singing and cooperation that we saw through the audition process and we know you will throw your hearts into making this wonderful show come to life.

Oct 17 is our next rehearsal, regular time: 5 – 8.  On Oct 24 and 31 we will run an earlier class – 3 – 6 pm (this helps with the choir members who have a festival on Oct 24 and with Halloween – on both days schools get out early)

ARIEL – Anna Nguyen

PILOT – Matt Myers

PRINCE ERIC – Dakota Hutchins

GRIMSBY – Alex Kerry

FLOUNDER – Leyenda Lucero

SCUTTLE – Joel Avery

WINDWARD – Jessica Griffith

LEEWARD – Lexi Bakes

KING TRITON – Tio Revelstoke

SEBASTIAN – Jabin Rempel

AQUATA – Jayme Gallawan F1* (these numbers show you what parts of the songs  you sing)

ANDRINA – Taylor Hurlburt F2

ARISTA – Danielle Collins F3

ADELLA – Ava Kornum F5

ALLANA – Hailee McMillan F6

ATINA – Yasmin Mebs F4

FLOTSAM – Beya Miller

JETSAM – Shelby Keen

URSULA – Sara Oliva

MAIDS – Marcie Larochelle F2, Haydin Boon F1,

Kira Adams F7, Bellamy Wynans F6

CHEF LOUIS – Chloe Ross

PRINCESSES – Kylie Jones F1 , Eden Rempel F6, Tayler Carloss F2,

Carmen Medina F4, Karissa Lawrence F5 , Chloe Ross F3




Victoria Boomer

Julia Close

Dalton Dier

Emma Dorn

Zoe Gee

Kaprice Goldsmith

Sofia Gutierrez

Claire Madden

Quinton Madden

Zoe Petersen

Lauren Ramsay

Ella Rogers

Heleina Williams

Desirae Worsley


GULLS – all the men except Eric and Sebastian

SAILORS – all the men except Eric and Grimsby…plus some women perhaps    **page 25 – M5 is Dalton, M6 is Matt

DANCE CAPTAINS – Beya Miller, Ella Rogers, Chloe Ross, Ava Kornum

Callbacks Oct 7 2-5 pm

See below for the list of students we need to see again (click the link).  If you do NOT see your name, please remember that we are not calling back for ALL roles, and as you know, every cast member will have something individual to do.  Congratulations on all your great auditions today.   If you were not able to be at the auditions, but want to be part of the chorus, please email by Friday Oct. 7


Callbacks will be in Room 123 (where auditions were)


NEW!!  try this track for If Only – If Only  start at 3:17


Choir Festival

Take me to the Water   alto     bass

Seal Lullaby        alto    bass 1

Lunch time rehearsal Wed. Oct 19, then after school (3:30 pm) we will go to LFMSS via school bus and you should get picked up from there –  our rehearsal  runs 4 – 5:30 with the mass choir and Dr. Geoffrey Boers.

The festival is Monday Oct 24 and we will need to be dropped off at Mountain by 5:45 pm.  The concert will run 7:30 – 9:15 pm (we will sing 1 – 2 songs alone plus the two mass songs) and your parents should come!!!   Cause it will be wonderful🙂

MTC Auditions!

Sign up for a time on Ms. Piorecky’s door (HDS students are already signed up for the 5 – 5:30 pm slot)    Come only to your half hour time slot on Oct. 3.

girls:    Part of your world reprise (page 29)    track     example

boys:   Under the Sea (page 43)   track     example

** if you are listening to other versions of the song you may notice they are in different keys….these are the same as we will sing in the show.