If your name is not listed below, refrain from panic!  We heard 40 students audition for 49 parts — there is something for you!!

Some names appear more than once, read carefully and do the preparation!

Here are the students we need to see again – please come with music, pencil, water and a snack and come prepared to stay the whole time (4:30 – 7:30 pm on Friday Oct 24 in room 123 – come to the front door at the castle lobby)

GINGY – Jabin Rempel, Solar Setzer-Vagair, Tessa Bowick

PINNOCHIO – Jabin Rempel, Joel Avery

YOUNG FIONA – Beya Miller, Esther Jang, Sara Oliva

TEEN FIONA – Danielle Collins, Tayler Carloss, Tessa Bowick

FIONA – Teagan James, Rane Miller, Raeann Anderson

DONKEY – Rane Miller, Nicole Sibanda, Matthew Myers

LORD FARQUAAD – Joel Avery, Calham Northway, Nathan Copeland

DRAGON – Mairead Mysynuk,  Raeann Anderson, Shayla Humphrey, Teagan James

SHREK – Nathan Copeland, Calham Northway

For each of the parts you are called back for, please print the sheet music and learn the callback song to the best of your ability.  Style is WAY more important than notes, and you are encouraged to look at more YouTube videos than are listed here to help you.  Take risks!  You will also be reading sides at the audition and you may be asked to read for additional parts as well as the listed ones.

**I have only made learning tracks where you have to sing in harmony or polyphony with someone else.  If the character name is not highlighted, learn the part from the good example recording.

pages 164-166      Young Fiona     Teen Fiona       Fiona    sheet music   good example – 4:38 is your starting place     karaoke track

pages 195-196       Fiona     Donkey    Shrek     sheet music   good example – start at 3:10        karaoke track

pages 219-220     Donkey     sheet music   good example    karaoke track

pages 210 and 215-216       Farquaad      sheet music   good example – first 31 sec and last  part starting at 2:48    karaoke track

pages 175-176       Dragon     sheet music   good example   karaoke track

pages 238-239 (sing named parts in your copy of Freak Flag)    Gingy   Pinnochio.    good example start at 2:14     karaoke track

PROBLEM?? Like a track that won’t play or you need help printing…..see Mr. Leonard or Mrs. Thorpe or email them (

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Vocal Jazz Learning Tracks

hey Soul Sister   TENOR    LEAD    BARI    BASS      FULL MIX

headphones work best with these tracks…your part is in one ear, all the others in the other ear!

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Shrek auditions

For the musical part of the audition, please learn both songs – you may not sing both of them in audition but need to know both


1) Start by listening to your own part and singing along until you are confident    MEN       SOPRANO      ALTO

2) Then listen to and sing along with the full recording     FULL RECORDING

3) Then sing your part with these tracks…they are MISSING your voice part   MEN    SOPRANO    ALTO

******  If that is difficult, go back and rehearse steps 1 and 2 a few more times

4)  You will be singing along to the accompaniment – here it is to practice with  ACCOMPANIMENT

FREAK FLAG – follow the same steps as above ** these are the fixed tracks :)



MISSING your voice part:   MEN    SOPRANO    ALTO


downloading the tracks to your portable device is a GREAT IDEA!!!

Choreography notes for Freak Flag have been revised……print yourself a new copy and recycle the old one please  CHOREO NOTES

Here’s the track to practice with so you feel confident on the audition     FULL TRACK

Have you signed up for your audition yet???  Do it today!!!

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Play all

Russian Sailors Dance


Night Flight of the Gargoyles

Jazz Jubilee

Torn Screen Door

Simple Gifts

Star Wars

Java Jive

God Only Knows

Dream a Little Dream

Mean to Me

All That Jazz

Cry Me a River

Wonderful World

Orange Coloured Sky

Feeling Good

Here Comes the Sun

And So It Goes

Shut De Do’


Joseph Medley

Ja Da

Alright Okay You Win

Spinning Wheel

Goodnight Sweetheart



June 3 Concert videos

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Young Women in Harmony

DVD’s and photo CD’s should reach you soon, ladies.  Thanks for an amazing workshop


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